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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No one else….

Even though I am reborn a thousand more times

There will not be another one like you

The one who would warm up my sad life

I’m really grateful for that person

For that person, my heart could

Be hurt indefinitely

*even though I can’t tell that I love you

The fact I’m able to

Look at you from far away

Give you everything and love you

Although I’m sad, I’m happy

There is no other love in this world

That could make my chest shiver with a such anticipation

I’ve buried so deep in my memories

My only love

To someone like you

All the painful tears

I could endure it indefinitely

I don’t want anything else except your laugh,

With it, I’ll be happy

Because love is about giving everything

Only about giving

So, although I’m sad, I’m happy….

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