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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank you

Thank you,

For staying by my side,


Walking this road with you

I love you,..

The awkward words that i want to say in front of you,

Be blessed,

I must let you live well


I am still lacking in my ways

I will be by your side until the end

I will protect the beautiful you

I pray not to release this hand even if I die

I promise to walk with you till the end of time

Because the extreme love,

Can be worn out of time

I vow to keep the beautiful memories,

And even the days that we cried


For not being able to be better


That I am lacking in some ways

I will protect you until the end, even if it’s hard

I will protect the beautiful you…

Only you can forgive my heart

Even though I am imperfect

Even though I am lacking in many ways

I sincerely want you

Even if the days of difficulties were to come

I will not release the two hands that I hold until the end of time

Thank you…

For being by my side..

p/s : trime kasih tok sumer yg pernh hdr lam hdup aq…maaf andainya gmbr korng x terpapar di ruangan ni…even gmbr korang xde tp insyaallh..korang slalu ade lam hati aq…

skali lg aq ucapkan terima kasih…

tuk setiap ksh syng, kenangan, pengalaman, dan semuanya…

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